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What other people thought about the service provided by Jobify

Wow! Village Jobs is an excellent idea, I’ve been looking to work closer to Fish Hoek or Sun Valley for some time and never know where to look!


Awesome! This is sorely needed. I’ve been looking for casual work this side of the mountain for ages and keep on getting stuck with work in Southern Suburbs. Hope this works.


Finally something in the valley for the valley, I’m constantly battling to find people who live nearby to work for me.


Lekker! I don’t have a car and sometimes when I do get work I must travel miles away, hopefully I can now get more work closer to Ocean View.


Excellent, I’m so tired of long trips into Cape Town, hope this works. Most services I know of are printed and out-of-date and the job sites are to general and most work is in the city or northern suburbs.